Word is out! Ginger & Fox is the best thing...well, since gluten.



Probably the first gluten free treats I've had that taste better then their gluten counterparts. I am so happy for this shop, I no longer have to "miss out". Delicious!!



We had the mini apple pies and they were amazing! My children couldn't get enough of them to the point where I only got one bite! Wonderful stuff!



Positively divine!




I kept hinting to my husband that I wanted to try some of these awesome treats, and today he came home with a half dozen spice doughnuts. O.M.G. They're incredible!! Buttery and delicious. We'll be back for more treats soon!



We recently ordered the doughnuts, they were devoured in seconds. They were so yummy! We can't wait to try more of your amazing desserts!


Hands down the best GF treats I have tried! The spiced cupcakes are my favorite!



Absolutely the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had!



OMG! The chocolate cake!